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PPM’s Mission - 0 Waste.

PPM’s Motto - "Reduce Shortage by Donating the Wastage".

Food waste as fertilizer

Foods that we find contaminated are transformed into manure to Grow plants. We could use all the food waste and prepare a compost out of them which can be used as organic fertilizer. This way we save the earth from the pollution caused by food waste and also do something productive.

Food waste is unique as a composting agent, it is the main source of organic matter. Fruits, vegetable grains, coffee filters, eggshells can be composted.


PPM Program was started as an initiative under CURED 369 to produce manure for plants from food wasted by people. It was started as a small initiative at KRM School where mini Compost-Pits were installed in each and every classroom of the school so that the foods and other biodegradable waste thrown in the garbage would be thrown into Compost-pits for composting.

Initially, students faced some difficulty in segregating the waste but after seeing some great results (as waste materials converted to manure for plants) and some awareness they too got involved in PPM and slowly PPM expanded and we made mini compost-pits to each and every house of our locality and collected after 45 days and used those manure for growing plants and we even provided our manure to horticulture and farmers for free of cost. Till now we had grown 327 trees through PPM and had produced 5070 kilograms of manure.


If you want to support or need support from PPM feel free to contact the given below email address.


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