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DPF’s Mission – FOOD FOR ALL.

DPF’s Motto - "FEED THE NEED".


DPF is a program under CURED369 which was started in 2018 by School students that aim to eradicate the word hungry by serving the need. The Food Bank at DPF collect surplus, salvaged and donated food, and distribute it to hungry and needy people through local voluntary students serving homeless, low-income families, Children, Orphanage, Handicapped, retarded, the elderly and other people in need like people affected due to natural calamities like drought, flood, fire, riot, earthquake, etc., today CURED369 DPF Foodbank is supporting more than 10 orphanages, and feeds more than 50 families and distributes more than 700 kgs of food grains per month that are donated by farmers and horticulture centers who utilized CURED369 PPM’s Manure. We collect food grains from donors and distribute it to needy people. We have also been at the forefront in providing food grains during natural calamities in various parts of the city. Generous individuals, horticulture, and families set apart a Fistful of food grain every day in special containers given to them. We collect the containers on a monthly basis covering nearly 30 different routes all over Chennai in our own vehicle. These food grains are then cleaned, repacked, and distributed. Besides this regular collection, we also get bulk donations of food from people that had gone untouched at a wedding banquet, restaurant, office canteen, and other ceremonial events. After getting the food we check them for quality and then redistribute it to the hunger hotspots in Chennai. DPF was able to reduce the bullies by indulging them in these social activities and bringing a feeling of goodness by helping others and getting appreciation and blessings from the needs. Since the Gift of food can bring tears in people’s eyes and happiness in their hearts many bullies had reformed their lives by seeing their eyes.


· FOOD WASTAGE: I had organized a Fat2Fit club in my school with the motto of promoting the health of students. I noticed that in their process of transforming themselves they wasted their lunch and all those were thrown to the dustbins and on the other side I saw many people starving even for a single meal. I was very disappointed by seeing that and I started a program in the F2F club named DPF (Donate Poor Food) and created a motto "Reduce shortage by donating your wastage". We collected the student's untouched food and we ensured that it is not rotten or spoiled and we packed the food and provided it to the poor people in the slum near our school and we were able to provide them food only for their lunch. So I had added the program under CURED369 to develop it further and we were able to provide food to them for Breakfast and dinner too. Later we got food from some donors and we found some difficulties in managing the untouched food from school students as some of them go stale and spoiled. So we took another initiative program named PPM (Provide Plants Manure) in which we installed compost pits in school classrooms and we added those stale foods to the compost pits to convert them as manure and we improved that program too. We had even got food grains as a return gift from the farmers and fruits from horticulture centers as we had provided them manure through our PPM Program.

DPF is still continuing it's to serve the needs.

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